Relaxing Swedish Massage

Your treatment will flow through massage strokes, staying in a light to medium pressure. Each session will be adjusted to the clients focus, favorites and overall goals of relaxation. 

60 min $70        90 min $90        120 min $130 


Deep Tissue Massage

Diving deeper into the muscles, this massage is focused on releasing chronic muscle tension. Making sure to give your muscles a good warm up and cool down will help relax the superficial layers of tissue so we can reach deeper muscle fibers. You will feel longer lasting relief after treatment. 

60 min $70        90 min $90        120 min $130


Neuromuscular and Trigger point Therapy

This treatment is best if your working on long term goals of wellness. Neuromuscular therapy is very effective in structurally aligning your posture. Trigger Point Therapy releases nerve endings that become bound together in fascial tension. Each therapeutic session will focus on reversing the effects daily movements have on your body. These sessions require a lot of client action and communication.

60 MIN $70        90 MIN $90        120 MIN $130


Massage Cupping

This technique is relatively new to the massage world, and differs to your traditional acupuncture cupping. Cupping helps detox metabolic debris from muscle tissue and fascia, bringing new oxygen into areas of stagnancy and promoting a feeling of spaciousness and relief of pressure. 

Add on option free of charge


Sports Therapy

Whether your training for a marathon or simply feeling sluggish from all of your fun activities. Sports Therapy focuses on flushing lactic acid and toxins as well as stretching your muscles to their comfort level. This treatment is great after a long day of skiing or bike riding, and can help your body feel refreshed and alive to do it all over again the next day. 

60 MIN $70        90 MIN $90        120 MIN $130


CranioSacral Therapy

A gentle treatment releasing fascial binds and assisting the body in balancing the flow of your cerebrospinal fluid. Although the technique mainly focuses from the tailbone to the skull, CranioSacral can work with extremities as well. 

60 min $50         30 min Add On to a massage TREATMENT $20  


Tibetan Massage

If you are looking to be completely rejuvenated and rolling off the table wondering where you are then this is the massage for you. A full body treatment integrating acupressure, stretching, relaxing massage strokes and energy work this massage moves through a sequence that usually ranges between an hour and forty five minutes to two hours and fifteen minutes. There is one flat rate for Tibetan sessions regardless the time.

$120 per session 


Thai Massage

Thai massage is practiced with the client fully clothed and laying on a comfortable mat on the floor. We work through acupressure and stretching, to release mental stress and muscle tension and bring balance through your body's meridian lines. 

120 Min $120


Lymphatic Flush

A light pressure massage moving through a specific sequence designed to optimize lymphatic drainage. This treatment accelerates lymph drainage that is beneficial in detoxifying and disposing of metabolic waste that can get trapped in our system. Possible symptom indications where the Lymphatic Flush may be useful can include low energy levels, cold symptoms or periods of very high stress.

60 min $60


PreNatal Massage

For women who are expecting a prenatal massage will help ease mental and emotional stress, as well as aches and pains due to the pregnancy. Please consult your doctor anytime before booking to ensure you and your baby are healthy enough to receive massage. 

60 min $70        90 min $90


Couples Massage

Perfect for special occasions, or just sharing the joy of relaxation with a friend or loved one. This massage is done side by side in the same room. 

60 min $120        90 min $180


We can go to you

There will be an extra $20 outcall fee to each massage booked. Any massage can be booked as an outcall.


If you have any questions or concerns about injuries or illness please feel free to contact chelsey to discuss what massage is right for you.